Ever wanted an Urban Dictionary-like site for #coding, #hacking, and general #tech terms?

Me either. But someone made it and it's really cool, despite having a few bugs to iron out. hackterms.com/

@tindall What about the Jargon File? Or has that become outdated?

@grainloom It's still the canonical source for a lot of terms, but it doesn't really get updated and thus doesn't have all the (many, many) Agile Software Development associated terms, new frameworks and libraries, security terms, etc

@tindall Well, at least it doesn't use JS to load basic text. 🤷
(I seriously can't imagine a valid reason why that hackterms site should use JS. It's a dictionary. By definition it is text focused.)


@grainloom @tindall The modern Jargon File also has the flaw that it's been solely edited for several decades by an asshole. I fully support somebody else taking over that work, even if their tech isn't great at first.

@jamey Yeah, that's a good point.

I'm now a Hackterms contributor, also, and I'm very tempted to code up federation support

@tindall Federated dictionaries would be super interesting!

@jamey @grainloom @tindall a shirt that Matthew Garrett was selling at one point: "ESR stole my cultural heritage"

@tindall @jamey @grainloom I agree with the sentiment, and would love new, diverse editions, but to go meta for a moment: do we need an updated Jargon File? Not being facetious, but I remember feeling like Wikipedia and search engines had replaced it, about 15 years ago (because it was an early target for inclusion!). What are interesting takes on the JF that new folks could tackle? ^_^

@maiki @tindall @grainloom That's an interesting question! I think there's some value in placing things in a specific context―Know Your Meme or Urban Dictionary or TV Tropes all have different contexts than Wikipedia and that's useful. But what I'd really like to see is historians and ethnographers recording the stories of people in computing, if I had to pick one thing to keep from the Jargon File.

@jamey @grainloom @tindall Now we're cooking with fire! I encourage folks to keep what I call "digital commonbooks", something more than a blog, more like a personal, but public, wiki of goings on and culture, so we continue the tradition of storytelling into the future.

I've always thought of the JF as an instance of that, and I do hope others pick up on it. ^_^

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