This weekend I made a program that coordinates other programs: as soon as one of them quits, it tells all the others to quit too. I'm kinda proud of the name I gave it.

@jamey ooh, I end up rewriting something like this a lot for test suites, usually with subtle and different errors each time. looks helpful :o

@ninjawedding if it turns out to be useful to you I'd love to hear about it! after I tried it out I concluded that it probably isn't the right way to solve the problem I created it for, so I hope it solves other problems instead 😅

@jamey Wait is that the inverse of the Master Control Program?

The Master Unionizing Program?


@codepuppy @jamey Now you just need to give it the ability to suspend all its member programs until they're given a larger CPU slice and better memory protection.

@jamey @codepuppy
Be careful not to invoke the HCPS (Halt and Catch Pepper Spray) opcode.

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