I just learned the video is up of "Countering Imposter Syndrome Culture", Sage's 2019 SeaGL keynote! There are lots of talks for people who have imposter syndrome, but this talk tells you how to avoid triggering imposter syndrome in others. archive.org/details/imposter_2

@readsteven Now that you mention it I'm a little surprised not to see one already. I forgot that still isn't a standard thing for all conferences πŸ˜…

@jamey No blame on you, just shaking my fist at the sky. (Though if I knew who to nudge for such a thing, I would nudge them.)

@readsteven Me too! I do know someone who's done transcription professionally, if you wanted to throw money at it instead of doing crimes. But I'd hate to deprive you of the opportunity for crimes πŸ˜†

@jamey I'd much rather throw money at a professional transcriber than do crimes. (Current pandemic conditions restricting the amount of throwing money I have. :/ )


@readsteven I decided to send them an email whether you wanted to or not because I think this is a thing that should happen. I have no idea how much money we're talking about but I feel like it should be achievable somehow. 😁

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