Librsvg 2.47.1 is out!

This is the first release that doesn't depend on libcroco.

Also, documentation on the library's internals is starting to appear at as I fill it in.

@federicomena congrats on reusing increasing quantities of code that Mozilla is paying to keep maintained. 😁 that's really cool! I bet it lets rsvg support some new features while deleting code, eh?

hmm. does Firefox currently use rsvg and if not, what do you suppose the odds are of getting it to do so?

@jamey If "removing a dependency on an unmaintained C library with outstanding CVEs" counts as deleting code, sure! :) :) :)

Zero chance of using librsvg in Firefox; they have their own, super-functional SVG implementation. Librsvg doesn't do animation, render trees, DOM, anything that browsers need.

It would be interesting to share code for the micro-parsers and for the representation of style properties and such, but it would be a lot of work.

@federicomena If that doesn't count as deleting code I don't know what does 😁

@jamey I want someone to do the same for gnome-shell; it's the last module that uses libcroco.


@federicomena Is there any Rust in gnome-shell yet?

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