Librsvg 2.47.1 is out!

This is the first release that doesn't depend on libcroco.

Also, documentation on the library's internals is starting to appear at as I fill it in.

@federicomena congrats on reusing increasing quantities of code that Mozilla is paying to keep maintained. 😁 that's really cool! I bet it lets rsvg support some new features while deleting code, eh?

hmm. does Firefox currently use rsvg and if not, what do you suppose the odds are of getting it to do so?

@jamey @federicomena Browser's requirements are fairly high, each one has its one svg implementation and they do crazy things like 3d transitions and animations. Librsvg till now has been a simple 2d rendering library and I don't think its likely that it will grow a 3d support.


@alatiera @federicomena I suppose also rsvg only outputs via cairo and Firefox does its own thing there too. I just like seeing projects converge so they can have bigger developer communities 🤷

@jamey @federicomena Ah yea, librsvg only has a cairo backend for now, where browsers are GPUs accelerated game engines at this point.

@jamey @alatiera I just filed today about supporting other rendering backends, cuz Servo added a raquote backend and I'm feeling jelly.

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