I tried a second time to propose that undergrad CS students build the RSS reader I want and once again the students all picked other people's proposals instead, so I'm sad

@garbados oh! um… okay!

The short pitch is: every existing RSS reader assumes you're reading news/blogs, where you may want to jump between entries and feeds in random order. I want one instead where the UX is good for long-form/episodic work, like webcomics and fanfic.

Two fundamental differences:

A) Focus on the content, clear away almost all other UI… for example, don't show me other feeds I might switch to;

2) In these works, today's post makes no sense without the feed's history, so make it easy to navigate that history and give me context about where I am in the archives.

I have a half dozen related GitHub repos and lots of technical details but the UI/UX is the key here and I'm not good at that.

@jamey i am not a designer but i can build UIs! let’s sketch this out when we get coffee next?

@garbados Sounds great! But also please take a look at my very rough prototype at which demonstrates what reading a single feed could feel like. It works pretty well on both mobile and desktop but make sure to try it only on feeds that have maybe 100-ish posts because larger feeds will probably make your browser fall over. 😅 There are some examples in the readme on GitHub.

@jamey @garbados I'll be developing a GTK search control soon you might find useful for keeping the UI minimal...

@jamey If you like I can probably point you at the RSS reader I wrote as a CS student. I'm pretty sure I have it around somewhere. Be warned, it's written in icon.

@jamey Yup, found it. Sure, it's a tad over 16 years old. But despite how awful HTML is, it works :)

@trini it's been pointed out that I should explain why I'm dissatisfied with all the existing readers I've found, so you might be interested in that:

@jamey Hmm. I don't honestly recall how well my project handled graphics. History was important and I believe if the feed embedded graphics, it worked right. The UI was minimal as heck because I wanted a minimal as heck UI. Amazingly it seems Icon is not dead. Still wouldn't recommend it as base tho :)

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