"I'm excited to figure out what's causing this!" is not generally something you want to hear your doctor say

(this isn't about me but it's not something I wanted to hear a doctor say to somebody else either)

@jamey Eek.

I guess I *do* like knowing that someone is committed to figuring it out, instead of "eh, things happen."

I hope it comes with confidence that they can and will figure it out, and it's not "I'm excited to figure out what's causing this! But first we'll need to apply for some research grants and find someone to underwrite the construction of a new tachyon interferometer..."

@keturn True, it's better than "eh, just sleep it off" or something I guess?

@jamey haha, I totally empathize! OTOH I would love to hear this from my rheumatologist when I've spent multiple years trying to figure out why I keep failing off drugs and have such aggressive disease activity :) but I just got in to a research practice so I signed up for this...

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