@jamey Not sure it this should work for my URLs: reader.minilop.net/read/https: or reader.minilop.net/read/https: give me a 500 result. Quite possibly something doesn’t work for my feeds? It needs better error reporting so people can use it for testing their RFC 5005 implementations. πŸ˜€


@kensanata I saw that in my error logs and I started composing a message to you about it. 😁

1) It absolutely needs better error reporting, but to be useful for testing, it also needs to not cache quite so aggressively. πŸ˜…

2) It interpreted the query-string as being parameters for my code, not part of your URL. If you URL-encode the '?' as '%3F' I think it should work. But due to the aforementioned aggressive caching you might want to clone it and run it locally first so you can delete .scrapy/httpcache/ if you want...

3) I need to add a trivial front-page with a form entry for the feed URL, which would take care of percent-encoding and all that. That's basically next on my to-do list for this project πŸ˜…

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