I wrote up the behind-the-scenes story of "c2rust", a newly-released piece of software from my former employer, which people have been asking me about since it's quite similar to my own "Corrode" project. tl;dr: I have mixed feelings about it.

@jamey It sounds like difficult circumstances you were trying to navigate while staying true to your values and goals. It is not easy.

@cstanhope Yes, that's a good summary… and yeah, it's been quite painful.

@jamey that's a really hard read and a bitter situation. despite the crappy situation you're really putting a very even handed review of the situation out here.

@dch Thank you–I worked really hard on being fair in this post, despite how emotionally draining it was to write it that way. A yelling, screaming, rant would have been briefly satisfying but not very productive. 😅

@jamey at least one thing is indisputable: corrode is the BEST NAME EVER

@ehashman I _know_, right? c2rust is such a boring name 😤

@jamey Well, that sucks. On the other hand it is great that People With Money consider these ideas worth pursuing.

I am surprised that you did not turn into a raving small-government conservative after seeing some big government machinations up close. ;-)

@sajith I mean, I'd already worked for Galois as an employee for two years, largely on the DARPA-funded project, so I kind of knew how it worked. And frankly I think that, _in principle_, federally funded organizations like NSF are a pretty good idea. Even the departments of Defense and of Homeland Security, which I don't like on principle, fund a lot of work I like. It just sucked to try to deal with the behemoth as an individual.

@jamey I think I understand that, to some extent. The project I am working on is funded by Department of Energy. My PI seems to have lost most of his hair over the years. :-)

Also, I am currently reading Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose". I don't have strong opinions yet, but I wonder if he has ideas about how to fund science and engineering work that is important but may not be immediately profitable. Guess I'll see.

I've heard of Ivory. I know acoltzer from my time at Indiana University!

@sajith Oh, awesome! Adam is a wonderful human being and one of the many people I met at Galois who I'm glad I've kept in touch with since I left.

I'm always curious about alternative ways to support public-benefit work, but not usually curious enough to actually read a book. 😅 If you find something interesting I'd love to hear about it!

@jamey Adam is great! He was a TA when I took Dan Friedman's PL Principles class (I sucked in it), and I contributed a perf. table to his ICFP paper and became a co-author (unfairly IMO). :-)

Since Milton Friedman is the archetypal free-market conservative, I doubt he'll have ideas on this, but I want to know. Another book I read ("Glass House", by Brian Alexander) lays the blame for industrial America's decline on Friedman's and Ronald Reagan's doorsteps, which is why I'm reading this book.

@brainwane @jamey I don't think I have. But happy to see that two of the co-founders are well-known names in FOSS communities. I hope they will figure it out!

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