Got partway through making an RSS-to-RSS transformer today: given an RSS feed of the most recent few pages of a series, it should be able to guess the rest of the pages of the series and generate an RFC5005 full-history RSS feed for it. I think it'll turn out to be fully automatic, when it works at all, which looks like pretty often… 😅 Hopefully that'll be useful in my grand plan to convince everyone to adopt this decade-old standard that nobody's ever heard of… 😒

@jamey What's your opinion on Atom (the feed thing, not the editor thing)?

@liw My opinion is that Atom is better than RSS in most ways, but I use "RSS" to refer to both standards collectively because that's all most people have heard of.

@jamey Ack, good to know. We are in agreement,then.

Also, I wish you luck in resurrecting RSS. I may start generating some feeds from my CI system as a way to notify users of builds.

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@jamey That's awesome! I am really looking forward to playing with it.

This is intended to overcome the problem of some RSS feeds only showing the last few posts? Otherwise I'm unsure what the use would be. (Disclaimer: I haven't used a feed reader in a while, I may be totally out of the loop)

@kingannoy Yup, that's exactly it! This is particularly important for series where people usually want to go through the whole history in order, such as in webcomics or serial stories or TV shows.

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