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Tarot, or: How I learned to let some dead guy from 1910 fuck up my life

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finally got around to switch pulseaudio to pipewire and yep its already working better (debian testing)

I like that VLC plays zip files

this is good

Despite that, for some reason I'm not super worried about Owl House.

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I have never had any great-aunts or -uncles on my mother's side because my maternal grandparent's cousins & most siblings were all murdered as children by the Nazis in concentration camps.

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I know I've said this before, but I don't really like medical doctors...

Silver the Hedgehog: "what the fuck is a p-core?"


if I could stop pulling trumps that would be great

(new york accent) But doctor, I'm Pagliacci ovah heah!

It's pretty "funny" that fitbit is pretending the issue with the heart rate monitor is a hardware issue... it's obviously a software issue. But all they'll do about it is offer you 35% off on your next fitbit.

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so my fitbit "broke" (the hardware did not break, just to be clear, but the software has started bugging out) and I got a garmin to replace it and it seems great so far

I'm already playing Horizon One Midmorning

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im going to have a fucking meltdown over this + amazon leaving packages and them being stolen

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how the fuck do i do laundry during covid, when someone keeps breaking the washer/dryer on my floor

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