I'm sure there's some reasonable technical explanation for why my feed empties if I don't log in for a while, but it still makes me a little sad 😿


I've been up for 4 hours and only just now figured out it's not Thursday. How's *your* day going?

@jk has anyone told you that your avatar is significantly more unsettling now that our instance only animates on hover? Because it is.

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ferns are ancient. back then they didn't have much memory (it was expensive) so they were generated procedurally. hence the way they look

@jason Yes, totally. Although I would offer a clarification: there is no one place where we share all aspects of our self. I don't know that aspects of self have a particularly strong one-to-one mapping to mediums of communication.

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@ghost @polymerwitch @Gargron feature #2 should be a metadata feature baked into the system. Links in general deserve some rich data love like hypertext always intended. Looks like the protocol already supports HTML so it should be possible? Markdown, or just interface editing features?

@jason walled gardens, though. If I make a doo on Medium (that's the lingo right?) my doo is suddenly directed at my Medium follower community, not my Birb/Mastodon community. Sure I can toot "go check out my blog post about X" but who has ever clicked through a link based on "go check out my blog post about X"?

@jason that was the other problem—Twitter aspired to be our sole mode of communication, but only offered one (very limited) form of speech. I totally understand why Mastodone/OStatus have a focus on microblogging for now, but eventually the platform should grow to support many different modes. Your communities and your modes of speech are independent variables.

@jason early in Twitter I often enjoyed that aspect: every tweet a drill to "omit needless words". But as time wore on, I felt more often that it was doing damage to how we communicate and think. 140 characters leaves no room for nuance, for hesitation, for admitting that you might feel unsure.

Basically this whole thread (twitter.com/iangreenleaf/statu), and also the fact I could never successfully convey that thought outside of a "thread".

The hits keep on coming for Uber. If these claims are accurate, they deserve to be raked over the coals for this: arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20

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@mayli I think this is a very important task, and also very difficult. The more Mastodon can blur the lines between it and the monoliths, the better adoption it will get.

@polymerwitch I get the feeling that silence is going to be the solution that most instances gravitate towards most of the time once this thing starts achieving some amount of equilibrium. *But* it's early and the tech is still in flux and I'm not going to expect everything to be solved or sorted all at once.

@polymerwitch I'm new and still catching up. What are the implications of not federating with an instance? Can their users @-mention me? Can I follow their users if I choose to?

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