I'm sure there's some reasonable technical explanation for why my feed empties if I don't log in for a while, but it still makes me a little sad 😿


I've been up for 4 hours and only just now figured out it's not Thursday. How's *your* day going?

@jk has anyone told you that your avatar is significantly more unsettling now that our instance only animates on hover? Because it is.

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ferns are ancient. back then they didn't have much memory (it was expensive) so they were generated procedurally. hence the way they look

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The hits keep on coming for Uber. If these claims are accurate, they deserve to be raked over the coals for this: arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20

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The first alt-right-ers are already popping up on Mastodon. That's okay though! One of the beautiful things about Mastodon's centralized/decentralized model is that it will encourage them to self-select into awful cesspool instances that tolerate their nonsense, which the rest of us can then safely ignore!

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when you decide to move to another instance that's called a scoot

Holy cow, .social domains go for something like $130/year. Apparently we got some high rollers in the Mastodon admin ranks 💰💰💰

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The aspects we show in public

The aspects we show our friends

The prospect we may someday dare show ourselves

It's a mastodon! I wholeheartedly support the ideas behind this platform, though I am not optimistic about its chances of success. Here's to the hope that my first toot ever is proven wrong!


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