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also keeping it to myself cause that stuff isn't about recognition/spectacle....

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i feel like i gotta do more rando kind ish like that tho... creating good energy and hope that it transfers and transforms however brief/small

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my drunk aqua/taurus ass paid 5$ so i could play Gladys Knight and Curtis Mayfield at a waffle house the other night LMAO. the best thing is that no one knew i did cause i did it from my phone 😂​

not to mention the measures to which I/C/E has gone to to target our communities, blatant violations of privacy, excused because we are not us citizens

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have already had two instances where indirectly and directly, citizenship/LPR status is favored over what's relevant (ish)- credit. Undocumented/papers-insecure ppl are constantly kept as underclass and lack of opportunity to resolve permanently is by design tho tbh...

Imo ppl in ANY progressive/social justice space need to akcnowledge more the privileges that come with citizenship - including who can more easily get it and why, as well as nuances for us-born Black and indigenous ppl

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having one of those awkward days when apparently being an illegalized person is gonna follow me everywhere regardless of how well i follow rules and pieces of paper this govt wants me to have. gee.
working on owning a home and realized i've been taking my time with it cause documentation and shit is really stressful to me to this day.

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HRT, needle mention 

Yesterday was the least-painful/smoothest T shot I’ve ever given myself. I even pushed the needle all the way in (muscular instead of sub-q).

I’ve been able to ease my anxiety by reminding myself why I do this? It’s been so magical and a monumental act of self love 💗😭

Tbh I just wanna talk about my personal life on every social media site, but also hell no

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it's important to be yourself. unless you meet someone that looks just like you but is wealthy and successful. in that case, bump them off and be that person instead

just submitted a job app for a front-end position, need aaalll the good vibes 💖​⚡​✨​

seeing this depressing climate change paper has me wanting to get for real into hydroponics hmm

Going to chi-town for the first time ever. Excited but dreading the cold af

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Cis male toxicity 

Currently trying to figure out if my co-worker has a weird fetish-ish fixation on me or if he’s just awkward and the times we’ve gotten to work at the same time are just a coincidence 😬😪

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current happenings notwithstanding, you should really be using something less public than mastodon to discuss sensitive matters.

you never know who is spidering the social graph, even if you aren't literally sending it out to the whole world as it by default does.

not for nothing, but i just looked at my own dating profile after super depressing feed of mostly white, mostly conservative, mostly cishet ppl - and thought, "damn, I would date me". i think i've unlocked a new level of self-love 💯​🔥 ​:heart_trans::nonbinary_flag:

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NYC, court support 

Patricia Okoumou’s asking folks to pack the court at 500 pearl street today at 12:30

her bail may be revoked because of her activism in austin:

#WeDoCare #PatriciaOkoumou

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