Ashamed to admit I understand git. After brute-forcing and wasting several hours on setting up git with ssh keys for a few months now. I’m not (too much of) a loser after all 😌

Anyone in tech here ever read this book? About to start for a project I’m part of and finally reading this after buying it a few years ago...

This tells me this person has never done community work. You gotta push whatever cynicism’s you got aside. There’s a lot of reward in working in community even tho it for sure comes with its challenges. And in this case we can’t afford to sit back and use “but ppl suck” excuse. It’s just irrresponsible...

Picking this up from my bookshelf cause I can’t sleep but I have a feeling it’s gonna backfire lol

Convo between me and my co-worker about our "software developer" positions

For this to run successfully took pain and tears for two days and omg y’all 😩😩🤩
And yes it’s a photo of my screen cause I was just that excitedddd

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