tech; whiteness/racism in tech; 

did my first (ever) actual pair programming session and was reminded i got a lot of feels and history around white/white-passing ppl undermining how much i know.
like, i was programming with this white-passing poc and they were mostly alright except when they'd try to help with something super basic or
it was clear they had completely missed something i had already explained

which is the kinda ish my white cis male co-workers do all the gd time.


re: tech; whiteness/racism in tech; 

and by "missed something..." i mean not in the sense of not getting something complicated, but them eventually figuring out what i already figured out 10 minutes prior and explained, but they weren't listening

which in my experience is the kinda ish whiyes do ALL the time. i've learned to not let it get to me, figure in the end it's their own time they're wasting 🤷‍♂️​

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