intro! cause about time.. 

I'm a trans, gnc migrant living in chocktaw/chickasaw territory (us south)
i'm an abolitionist, anti-imperialist, figuring out what decolonization looks like on a smaller and larger scale. working on having a better understanding of transformational justice. wannabe socialist, interested in communism, but need to leran more.
I make art for myself and code for a living, mostly.
most of my posts here will be abt this, but for art i'm here

re: intro! cause about time.. addendum 

actually a lot of my posts are commentary about my life for now lol. getting used to sharing my thoughts online again cause i've avoided that for a while for diff reasons. but hoping to move to more political content in diff areas again

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re: intro! cause about time.. addendum 

i'm also brown and very much not here to coddle white tears (which i've seen here a bit hmm)

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