This is my thread, which won't be updated daily but I will try to keep it as consistent as possible :blobcatmelt:

So I've actually done it for about a couple of months now. Mostly javascript-based stuff, learning in more depth and at my own pace: multi-threading, inheritance and use of prototype
My log for round 1 (which I just finished):

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Currently for round 2 working on web apps using ionic as the front-end framework, and running through a quick tutorial :)

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Been having too many issues trying to install ionic 😭 for some reason i keep getting a weird 404, running through the proxy suggestions in this thread

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For this to run successfully took pain and tears for two days and omg y’all 😩😩🤩
And yes it’s a photo of my screen cause I was just that excitedddd

I've been adding some pages to the ionic app, as well as figuring out forms with custom validators, and customizing the nav bar (with help of coding buddy we figured out a weird displace issue with the navbar).

Having some issues figuring out how the back button gets added when you push a page via NavController and doing so for a global navbar...

Still haven't started with the back-end yet, we'll cross that bridge when we get there

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Wish i had requested the back-end be started in Django or Ruby on Rails cause php is not my friend 😭​

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