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ashley ๐Ÿ˜ธ

Tweeted about this last night but I'm still thinking about the fact that I haven't given a tech talk/workshop since college, and why that is..

Despite having a CS degree I feel like an outsider and it sucks. I want to overcome anxiety and be recognized in my community and give talks and help to make the world better.

I have a theory that my body needs about 8.5-9 hours of sleep per night to function the best. But when I complain about being tired I'm usually met with "oh you got 7.5??? wow I wish I got that much"

Like does everyone else just jump out of bed after 6 hours of sleep and hit the ground running? (I know the answer is no but it feels like it sometimes)

Will I have a better day today? WHO KNOWS

Hi I'm really stressed lately and it's making me incredibly impatient with others, how do I stop letting my stress control me

Still thinking about the amazing weekend I had. Managed to attend a BBQ, see Wonder Woman, MC my second Monsterhearts session, *and* gain >10 levels in Overwatch. Basically perfect.

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there is almost definitely a correlation between how many meetings I have in a day and how my self-esteem is doing

tfw you're coding and your bluetooth keyboard batteries die

Jane the Virgin season 3 is on Netflix now, RIP my free time

Dentist had to inject twice to get me numb enough. The entire left side of my face is numb now.. it's weird trying to put an earbud in when you can't feel your ear

bad: getting a filling this AM
good: karaoke tonight and then 3-day weekend

Just had to go and have feelings tonight didn't I

Sorry I've been so complainy lately ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

getting worked up at work.

I don't technically get Memorial Day off but I'm taking it anyway SUCKERS

I should probably take more personal days. I have a lot of guilt around taking time off for non-"productive" reasons (such as attending conferences or traveling). How to unlearn...

I want to take a staycation to spend doing art and playing games.