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Guys, yesterday a co-worker bullied me into crying because I said I don't want kids. Honestly, I'm pretty pissed. Today I'm going to try to avoid him until my contract is done. I don't need this kind of shit and I won't stand for it.

ashley 😸 @hauntedlatte

@_knives_out_ wtf :( I'm sorry that happened to you. Did you tell someone about it who could potentially do something about this person?

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@hauntedlatte Thanks. Well, I'm a contractor, so I don't really want to make waves, plus I am most likely leaving soon as I have an interview next week. I don't want to stay here anymore. That type of invasive questioning really got to me. It's none of his business and I've never had someone be so brazen about it before.

@_knives_out_ That makes sense. It really is none of his business and it is somehow still super shocking to me when people can be so boldly invasive.

@hauntedlatte tell me about it! My recruiter told me next week is probably my last and it's not like I didn't have that feeling. The project I was working on just got cancelled and it looks like I'll be unemployed again. It was basically a month that I was here. I have an interview next week because I was smart and ahead of the game. I'll be glad to leave!