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ashley ๐Ÿ˜ธ @hauntedlatte

PSA animated gifs cause issues for some folks, please use static images for avatars and put gifs under a CW

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@animeirl as I understand it, it can be a problem for people with epilepsy

@hauntedlatte I agree people should be considerate, but I also think a good solution is for people who might be endangered by such gifs to have their own setting they can flip to turn all gifs into "click to show".

@yogthos @hauntedlatte I wonder if there's a browser plugin that could do this for the desktop. (Obviously mobile apps would have to have their own implementation for that).

@cdllm it can be a problem for people with epilepsy

@hauntedlatte Ah makes sense. Ideally it'd be an option people could enable/disable on the client side.

@hauntedlatte It seems that animated GIF avatars are going away in the next update.

They'll only be animated on mouse hover :

@alda Great idea, glad they found a compromise.

@andyAstruc Andy! Larry can come back!

@alda @matriarchetype Sadly I don't think Larry works in static. He needs to be free to shrug and squirm. I'll bench him for now. D.Va can get it.