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ashley 😸 @hauntedlatte

Folks who are replying with big high-profile projects: that's fine and all but I know about these, as I think most people on here probably do.

I'd really like to hear about some smaller projects that I *don't* hear about all the time, especially if they are doing some social good.

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@hauntedlatte It's tangent to your request, but might also be interesting for folks following your thread: tries to focus on people willing to start with FOSS but without knowledge of what to do.

@hauntedlatte Have you ever heard of Open Source Ecology/Factor-e Farm? (it's mainly an OS hardware project, not software)

@cyrinsong I should probably learn django at some point

@hauntedlatte I learned django on this job, pretty much. Particularly since the last time I used it (before this job) was like 4 versions ago