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ashley 😸 @hauntedlatte

What are some worthy open source projects to contribute to?

(besides Masto obvi)

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#rustlang and its ecosystem
#servo (mozilla's new browser engine)

probably others, imo you should look around in areas you already know

There is also a [list]( by the FSF for priority areas.

@hauntedlatte I wish I knew of some smaller projects ☹

@hauntedlatte is small but has a dedicated userbase and I believe it's cross platform C++/QT. Currently there's only one main dev that does an amazing job but he could use some help with the more loaded features.

@hauntedlatte This is hard... depends on what your interests are.

I see you draw... maybe Krita would be something? Gimp and Inkscape also comes to mind. Synfig Studio too.

@hauntedlatte depends on what you want. I spend most of my time working on GNUnet. It's not just regular developer work, we also have a big rewrite of the documentation (Texinfo) going on, work on a new website in Django and more languages than just C.
We definitely have too few people all the time, and haven't had the chance to work full-time on this for a while.