"quite a caper, the disappearance of the goldfish!"
"indeed, watson, but i've just now cracked the case."
"great scot holmes, divulge!"
"it was *i* who ate the fish."
"elementary, dear watson."


I hear the local students are having local celebrations at the local park
good times are definitely had around here

She is so happy sleeping on the towel in her box. I can get on and off the couch without disturbing her.
But I miss the constant kitty snuggles.
Maybe if I put a towel on the couch?

sometimes, you just want to spend money on something. To assert your existence.

My cat "caught" a mouse and "gave" it to me this morning. I'll save you the gruesome details but here's my little hero.


This is my sister! She can have the box place by the window when it's dark out. When the sun comes back I'll chase her away, ahuhuhu


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