I wish Twitch had 6 audio channels so your could split up voice, game and music and set them individually

@GoatSara I've heard they are working on at least two channels, although for sure, more would be better.

@ghlyffe I mean 2 channels are stereo but I wanted like something where you have several stereo channels and only maybe voice will be mono


@GoatSara Oh, fair. I assume both "channels" they're talking about are stereo in this case, the whole point being to allow you to keep your voice and mute out just the audio to avoid copyright issues.

@ghlyffe I meant more on user level if the streamer is playing bad music that you can personally mute it and still hear voice and if game is too loud for voice you decrease

@GoatSara Ah, yeah, taht would be cool, too, and something that would totally be supported if/when they move to multiple audio streams...

@ghlyffe Audio data is quite some compact than visual data so should be no problems except in the streaming software that already exists

@GoatSara There shouldnt be, but Twitch only allows one. My streaming software supports up to 6 different audio lines at once, but I'm restricted by Twitch; I record across three, I think.

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