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my partner says people on the city's subreddit ask how can so many people here be antivaxx and I say "we voted to take fluoridation out of our water supply because we're a bunch of fucking anti-science liberterians, how do you suppose they feel about actual science"

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Love to have a house party I can hear from about two blocks away going on the "first" day of "reopening" fuck this city and everybody in it

My partner: I like having you wfh, we get to interact more!
Me: Me too! Should I take the fake crabmeat out of the freezer for tonight?
Her: Yes, both packages
Me: OK... *pause* Where are they?
Her: In the freezer!
Me: suddenly wishing he was back in the office

then Mason comes running down so I pick him up and carry him around for a bit for cuddle-time and forget why I was going to go upstairs

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me: gosh, getting hot, should turn on fan
me, 5 minutes later: oh, right *turns fan on*
me, 30 seconds after that: *gets up and goes upstairs*


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It's July 2021 and people STILL don't mute joining meetings with > 20 people already in

Just sent this to my boss as a possible addition to his own flow chart about the latest shenanigans. Some of you will have seen this before, apologies.

The back of the top shelf in our fridge is either an oubliette or a hellmouth. I know best before doesn't mean rotten after but this is a bit much. At least it's still sealed, and congrats on making it nearly a year!

In better news, the little girl across the street was running up and down the road during a torrential downpour in her bathing suit and sometimes I actually don't hate this city.

TBT several years ago on my performance review, under "non-job related things" I wrote "Since the University seems desperate for employees, students, and the community to believe that it actually cares about diversity, I took courses X, Y, and Z through Org & Human Development."

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Apparently the talk was otherwise fantastic, as one would expect, but my team is very shorthanded so I had to miss it.

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At the time this screenshot was taken, this individual (a senior communications person at our institution) was talking about the importance of Truth and Reconciliation as part of a keynote speech by Honourable Murray Sinclair. Our president, who leaves his job in two days, had a pre-recorded introduction.

Every time I get hopeful my employer is finally taking DEI halfway seriously, shit like this happens.

Thank you, Ubuntu Server installer, for doing an integrity check on a 1GB ISO that's mounted over a VPN connection
then I get to do this two more times

I used to feel a bit weird about noticing things like *gestures at last toot* but then I realised that my whole career is "notices when things look weird or different and then writes them down in case they're important later." The funny thing is I was never any good at those tests/party games/whatever where you'd have a minute to look at some setup, then you leave the room and come back and you have to find the five things that are different.

A girl who lives down the street spent an hour or two this afternoon just screaming down the middle of the road and looping back ground the block on her bike, and now she's just gone by with their chocolate lab and who even has the energy in this, it's 27 with 20 dewpoint. I used to I guess, although I read that some beetus meds can affect heat tolerance so I'm going to pretend it's that even if it isn't

@Pixley imagining a complex machine that analyzes the DNA, then spits out a single slip of paper that just says "CAT"

A few weeks ago I was like "that was lucky, I should buy a lottery ticket!" so I did and the first ticket won me a free play which won me $20 so I guess nothing else will be going right for me this week.

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