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As a CYA move I did ask the primary admin if he was comfortable with me having (and, more importantly, using) this new flex. But I'm still gonna create one cos I'd been thinking about doing so anyway. :D

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Today I learned I can now create new VMs in our production vSphere environment. Previously the admins have told me they thought that I could, but I could not. My group already has about 45 VMs, my staff member predicted we will have 90 by the end of next week now...

re: food alc 

dinner was still yummy, although I did notice the reduced lime.

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food alc 

TFW you realise you've been putting the limes you set aside for your chicken dinner into your Coronas

20th anniversary, nearly to the day, of my release from primary reserves, and on Remembrance Day seems appropriate

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baby's first FOI (my own military records, mostly to have a complete set but also perhaps for proof of veterancy / honourable discharge)

Looking at using openssl req's command line to create SAN certificates without a configuration file.

And I'm going... no. Don't do this. Write a temp config file. This is beyond hideous. :flan_nooo::trebuchet:

But I should probably put it in #TLSmastery :flan_despair:

I despair at the number of times we've submitted bug reports that seem to be very, very obvious and also pretty fundamental, and been told "huh, you're the first person to report that".

I'm not very bright but I find this stuff myself by paying attention to reports and noting seeming irregularities - you know, a core skill - *the* core skill for working in information security.

I mostly like my job and it pays well and my house is pretty good for us so there's lots of reasons to not move anywhere else, but fuck I hate this city

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My city defending its fucked up road system (some roads cross each other multiple times): you have to understand it was built on FARMland, they had to build AROUND the local farmers, there's literally NO OTHER WAY it could BE

My city: is built on land ceded to the Haudenosaunee in 1784

With: entire subdivisions built in the 1960s-80s by a member of an Einsatzkommando who repeatedly lied about his role in Ukraine

The last part is the chef's kiss, although the info never became public til 1995.

when the cat is cleaning their face and folds an ear back

that's oops-purr-yy


Something I'm not sending to our CIO just yet:

COVID-19 aside, I suspect that the Western world is in for a rude shock about just how good we mostly had things between 1920-1980 (call it penicillin -> HIV/AIDS) and assuming that medicine will always be able to procure a pill or a shot that will cure most things is misguided. We should plan our culture - including and especially work culture - around the assumption that being exposed to other people more than necessary could be mortal.

The amount of magical thinking that must be going into this is... well, on-brand, really, we're the same group that told people certain IT projects were exploratory only when it was clear they were done deals, and are now doing it again and expecting it to go differently.

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I found out recently that there is apparently a project "to attract people back to the office" that involves things like "allowing people to make their cubes more like working from home" and "breakout rooms" and half of those were also part of the positive press for moving to cubeland in the first place. "You won't miss having an office, you just have to use a breakout room for times you need concentration!"

Tired of a Pearson textbook rep spamming my school email inbox, I'm now emailing them bizarre questions every few days. Today's missive: "Can you program dreams into QR codes?"

Cats must find humans meowing back frustrating at times.

"There you are! It's time for my lunch please."
"The yu aaaahis tie famy lunch peas"
"No I said it's TIME for my LUNCH"
"Tie fa lumpch"
"No human it is time for MY LUNCH"
"itis itis itis LUNCH happy happy danger"
"Fucksake just give me my biscuits"

i’ve hacked the meditation app servers and come back to you with their most powerful mindfulness video

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