re: one (1) selfie, slight EC 

@ItsJenNotGabby wat nooooo I was talking about some other george

re: one (1) selfie, slight EC 

@ItsJenNotGabby *gasps in has worn glasses since age 7*

if your cat often bothers you at your computer and walks all over your keyboard, it's because they're trying to join you and do what you're doing. It's a sign of affection! One way to mitigate disruption without pushing away your cat is by buying your cat their own laptop and plugging it in next to yours. make sure the laptop has wifi, a VPN, and access to the darkweb

re: one (1) selfie, slight EC 

@ItsJenNotGabby Why are those "nerd glasses"?

I called him out on the spelling and I got "thanks for the update!" lol

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Also I know the NHL's COVID protocol and I know that when you say "space is limited" and "with this player" I know you're full of shit because there is absolutely no way that player will be physically anywhere near anybody.

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Vendor, if you're going to try to sell me on some event by naming a Toronto Maple Leafs player, the least you could do is spell his fucking name right. I know how to spell it and I'm the opposite of a Leafs fan.

Apropos of another conversation thread, here's what George did to the TP the first week after he moved in with us. This was not the only victim, but it was the worst-damaged. Also falling victim were rolls of paper towel and shop towels that had been left out, although the shop towels weren't as badly damaged and had a lot more teeth marks.

@breakfastgolem I'm surprised he didn't bring up freedom fries while he was at it.

@lilithsaintcrow some squirrels really are spare parts, some have had about 10% too much sugar cereal.

@ItsJenNotGabby @pizza In the BC times, if we had visitors we'd have to tell them where to find the TP cos it had to be in drawers, or else George would shred it all. Makes the reserve a bit easier though: it was the next drawer down. :D

@hax It also turns out that it may not have been ZFS at all; I tested UFS on a different filesystem I thought was the same source, but turns out it was not. It may be less "what filesystem is over top of the guest's disk devices" and more "what is underlying the guest's disk devices" and now I just want to burn everything.

@hax Our VM environment is in ESX and the storage is I thought NetApp but it may be Nexenta for this VM, I'm not sure. It's presented to the guest as a block device though.

Me, 9 years ago: hey, thunderbird is very confusing when you connect to a server with a revoked cert, claims your password is incorrect
Mozilla: can you reproduce?
Me: uh, I mean yeah but
Mozilla, today: good news, we made a new bug about error messages a month ago so we're closing this one.

(I stopped using Thunderbird about 6 years ago and no longer care, partially because, well.)

re: Food 

@b @guenther I mean, there's clean dirt (carrots) and nasty dirt (beets).

@wxcafe fukken rights, my last test was "let's try postgres10 on ufs" and it was zoomy so just to confirm did psql12 on ufs and also zoomy, so... definitely the zfs.

re: Food 

@b @guenther it's unfortunate cos partner loves them but to me, they taste like dirt. :(

re: Food 

@guenther @b probably sweet potato and beet OD, as your doctor I prescribe less of those

@wxcafe thanks, at least you confirmed something I need to check. the original database was postgres 10 on ubuntu 18, physical hardware with SSD/ext4 so we changed a _lot_ moving to FreeBSD, ZFS, postgres 12, VM with spinny rust (but NetApp-styles rust) and "database optimization" isn't really my actual job so it's been a journey. :D

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