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Thank you, Office365, for reminding me that my work/life balance sucks shit. To be fayuuhhh sometimes I start at 6-7 and sometimes even stop that day by 3.

My glorified IM client when I dared to ask it to let me talk to somebody: soMEthInG ElSE darEs to usE MY CpU?! Your audio quality will suffferrrrrrrr you fool, you absolute jerk, you son of a motherless gremlin

(what was running in the background is a VMWare Fusion box I gave 2 whole cores and 6GB of RAM to and I guess to be fair it was actually using most of that RAM but holy frig)

plz to focus on bun not the line on the road, stupid iphone

Jeep: I'm ugly as fuck, underpowered, and prone to rollovers

Bombardier Iltis: hold my IMP

I can't believe somebody spent their own money on this. This is also in the best shape of any of these things that I've ever seen.

Me: damb it’s nearly mid May I should get my winters off

Nature: haha yeah

alc mention, photo 

The last photo I ever took at Kickoff, my favourite watering hole for 15+ years. I think it was in response to somebody if I'd gotten there yet. (Answer: yes, and I've been here at least 10 minutes since I was served and drank at least this much of my beer.)

shortly after I took this he pulled his head back and now I have an an anonymous warm furry lump under the blankies with me.

This is the ideal collaboration setup. You may not like it, but this is what peak collaboration looks like.

(Music and AnyConnect are the only things that aren't collaboration for work. I count Terminal as a collaboration tool cos we use IRC.)

uspol pv covid 

or I could just throw myself balls-first at a doorknob

I feel like they did at least try with this one. (Sensitive for gender mentions.)

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As a GenXer I'm used to my age group not being represented, but this is ridiculous.

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