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Apropos of another conversation thread, here's what George did to the TP the first week after he moved in with us. This was not the only victim, but it was the worst-damaged. Also falling victim were rolls of paper towel and shop towels that had been left out, although the shop towels weren't as badly damaged and had a lot more teeth marks.

so @Pixley inadvertently reminded me it's been a while since I did a SHOW CAT, this shot of a very flexible and partially-denuded-belly Mason is her fault

logstash on Ubuntu seems to log in three places (I didn't set this up so I'm not positive what isn't default), which has caused one of our nodes to fill / because the ES instance it's writing to has some index issues.

Because anything worth logging once is worth logging three times!

I got to redirect syslog to our central log server (something we've been meaning to do anyway), remove a lot of files from /var/log/logstash, and then vacuum journalctl and tell it to retain only 500MB.

Let us use Let's Encrypt, they said.
It will make our lives easier, they said.
It lets us automatically renew so we don't have to do that stupid commercial CA crap, they said.

Let us do what they want, they said, and everything will be better, we promise to monitor things, they said. Your selections are garbage, they said, why do you pay any money at all for something that's free anyway, they said, you must be incompetent and in the pockets of Big Certificate.

Me: synchronize this account
Outlook: got it, done
Me: you sure? you did that awfully quick for a new account
Outlook: gotchu fam, it's done now
Me: sure, ok, show me this folder

FIreplace is now going, but not without some angst and filling the living space with smoke because the fireplace fan didn't seem to draw enough when it was stone cold. Gotta keep the fireplace door open a crack initially. Toasty warm now even with a french door open to clear some smoke, great success.

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Last anniversary we were on Cat Island in the Bahamas, about 100m from the shoreline. We're about 30m now, close to the 45th parallel. Next anniversary trip clearly needs to be a houseboat somewhere near the top of Hudson Bay.

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My bawse was screen sharing this morning and exposed his desktop briefly and I saw this in his dock and was legit upset

also I know one of my mufos will appreciate this, a Re/Max listing claiming to have gone up two days ago, with photos clearly having been taken in May-June or so. "Book your showing today - we will be sold quickly!" it says. The listing company is known to claim quick sales/short listing times by simply pulling the listing after a few weeks, then re-listing a day later.

One hell of a weird triangle. No, there's no island, and the sink is in the counter to the right, probably eight feet away.

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Like, what the actual fuck is this? Not in photo: two door'd carhole with enough room for likely 4 cars, "Car friendliness" factor of 10 which I think means "you'll die slowly if you don't have one"

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In lieu of any feast type photos, I was going through my photos and found this, from the last time I made clarified butter. It's fairly straightforward but you need lots of patience.
I pre-heat my toaster oven to about 65C, nearly the lowest it will go.
I put a chunk of unsalted butter into a pyrex, then into the toaster oven and keep an eye on it. It should slowly melt and separate.
Very carefully skim the more liquid stuff off the top (butterfat), trying not to disturb the more solid stuff.

IT person: my group and I have been having Teams issues today, is it just us? I know that this can be wildly variable, is there a place we can look to for Teams performance?

Helpdesk: status.office.com

Me: not everybody can see everything there, most can't in fact, but let me have a look

not quite sure what's going on here, I do not think this is a duplex

when your house has more sleeping spots for cars than it does for humans

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