LazyMasto: have you tried postgres on FreeBSD+ZFS? If I have a UFS filesystem backing that postgres server it flies, ZFS the performance goes in the tank. Like, inserts/updates on a few hundred thousand rows takes an hour instead of a minute or two. With UFS it's pretty close to physical hardware on SSD. This is a VM on ESX. Physical hardware with ZFS on the same dataset is better, but the VM with UFS outperforms it.

Probably the real answer is "why are you using ZFS on virtual hardware you badonkadonk" but I'm a bit annoyed that the VM with UFS is outperforming physical hardware.

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@georgieboy I'm also doing ZFS with freenas on a hyperconverged setup I made, but haven't tried postgres. Are you using just local VMFS or over NFS?

@hax Our VM environment is in ESX and the storage is I thought NetApp but it may be Nexenta for this VM, I'm not sure. It's presented to the guest as a block device though.

@hax It also turns out that it may not have been ZFS at all; I tested UFS on a different filesystem I thought was the same source, but turns out it was not. It may be less "what filesystem is over top of the guest's disk devices" and more "what is underlying the guest's disk devices" and now I just want to burn everything.

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