alc mention 

If you'd told me a year ago that one of my biggest annoyances about my work desktop would be that it has the occasional hard to see / harder to clean / always annoying little splits from opening a beer too close to the display, I'd have been... well, a bit surprised, since the only time I drank at work was office parties or a beer at lunch out.

(Too close in this case is "within about a foot and a half" - flip top bottles of wheat can really spray, apparently.)


re: alc mention 

Not that I'm drinking at work now! But I do have the occasional after-work social and my Wintendo is right next to it, so...

re: alc mention 

@georgieboy there are things I miss about startup life. And grad student life[*].

[*] Nobody told me I couldn't store beer in my desk. I eventually found out a year later.

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