Looking at house listings for no real good reason than I hate living in this fucking city sometimes, and one place says "Cats in garage for listing, please leave in garage" and did not include photos of the cats and now I have a big mad

er, "for showing" not "for listing" what the hell gorgeous

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Also for more rural listings it's fun to play "on the zoomed out map it says 2 million, is it a 100 acre 'farm' with a century home being sold 'as is', or a 4500 square foot piece of shit in a subdivision with interior design done by a committee of five who obviously hated each other, one of whom was a five year old" cos both make me want to barf

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Like, what the actual fuck is this? Not in photo: two door'd carhole with enough room for likely 4 cars, "Car friendliness" factor of 10 which I think means "you'll die slowly if you don't have one"

nb instead of "live laugh love" signs there are separate "live" "dream" and I shit you not "laundry" signs here

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also I know one of my mufos will appreciate this, a Re/Max listing claiming to have gone up two days ago, with photos clearly having been taken in May-June or so. "Book your showing today - we will be sold quickly!" it says. The listing company is known to claim quick sales/short listing times by simply pulling the listing after a few weeks, then re-listing a day later.

One hell of a weird triangle. No, there's no island, and the sink is in the counter to the right, probably eight feet away.

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If your agent lists your place with 7 photos, 3 of which are shots of the kitchen from the same angle with differing levels of lighting (one of which is "nearly complete darkness"), 1 of which is a close-up of your electrical panel, and none of which are of the basement "Currently set up as a 5th bedroom and a 4 piece bathroom with soaker tub" you might want to fire them and find a new one. Especially if the house has been on the market 7 weeks in a market that sells in under 1. Just saying.

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