IT person: my group and I have been having Teams issues today, is it just us? I know that this can be wildly variable, is there a place we can look to for Teams performance?


Me: not everybody can see everything there, most can't in fact, but let me have a look

That was ten minutes ago and I'm still laughing in helpless horror

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I'm not allowed to say negative things in public though because our group got accused of being "anti-Microsoft" when we pointed out about 10,000 things that other shops who'd migrated said about how it blocked them from doing their jobs properly.

Spoiler alert: they were right and our jobs are now about 50 times more difficult than they were a year ago. Late or just fucking missing logs for events we *know* occurred ftl.

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Also a spoiler alert: other shops said exactly the same things about Google services, and no, we don't hate change but we're sure as shit going to point out that this one made our lives more difficult and will continue to do so and if you find that irritating, try doing my job for a couple weeks while I ask you why is it so difficult, "just" do this thing I fucking found on google

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self-soothing by resuming poking at our new replicant postgres servers I named pteppic and ptraci cos I like Discworld but then realised since replicant I should have named rachael and decker

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