Canadians still likes to think of post-secondary institutions as being public. "TAXPAYERS FUND YOU," they sometimes trumpet, or at least take solace in knowing that our funding is somewhat impartial - depending on their own political attitudes at the moment they're thinking about it.

This hasn't really been true for quite some time now - a couple of decades, really. Governments have cut back direct funding a fair amount, to the point our operating budgets are now mostly funded by tuition.

With government cutbacks at all levels, and with tight provincial government controls over domestic tuition, universities and colleges have largely been left to raise money the one way that does not have much governmental control: international student tuition.

This is the result:

Post-secondaries will be feeling these effects for years, and provincial governments will continue to use us as funding pawns.

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That said, some provinces have been less bad than others. Alberta in particular, under the lead of a fascist wannabe in love with oil money, is cutting funding deeply. Ontario, with a slightly less murderous version of populism, is implementing means testing ("how many of your graduates get REAL jobs?") which leaves some programs with more funding than others. Guess what real jobs are?

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