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it would actually be good for ebooks to destroy the book industry because people who read deserve to get a headache for it

people dunk on bill clinton because they're haters and jealous

friendships on the internet are actually MORE fake and parasocial AFTER you meet the people in person and become friends who hang out irl

people who boosted the post that started this thread are partaking in schadenfreude by wanting to see me get canceled, which is cringe culture, and therefore fascist (this counts as a hot take)

hippopotamuses are the capitalists of the animal kingdom

boris johnson is actually doing a postmodernism, which is subversive and leftist

young people like electronic music because they're afraid of skills

the antifa leadership is actually super problematic so lets just say if i see that your associated with them i am giving you the BIGGEST side-eye

having a big dick actually really sucks. nobody should do it

guitar is a good and positive instrument. piano? deeply malevolent

the pope: secretly an ally. the pope is working on a secret plan to dismantle the deep state of the vatican (the deep vat)


people need to stop making "mastodon is crumbling" jokes because they make me hungry for crumble


that maggot cheese looks delicious, id eat it

screenshot dunking and quote tweeting is actually good. people are opposed to it because their actually afraid of revolutionary violence

all teachers are cops. wait somebody already did this one

call me by your name is a trash movie because the title is too confusing

people who have opinions about tool are nerds who should be oppressed

if you know any fediverse people irl your oppressing the rest of us who dont have friends

it is always better to call someone and leave a message than to text them. sending someone a voice message without calling them first? you should be arrested

you should NOT be allowed to dress in joker cosplay if you are not twisted or damaged, i do NOT want to see any more jokerface on my tl

historical parallels are always wrong and fucking bullshit


@garfiald usually I just laugh at your shitposts but this one got me rationally angery shit the fcku up

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