TIL that United States v. Sioux Nation of Indians (448 U.S. 371, 1980) is still an unresolved case; it deals with the United States breaking the terms of the Fort Laramie Treaty, which protected the Black Hills (in South Dakota) from white settlement.

Naturally, once someone found gold in the Black Hills, the US decided "nope ours" and forced the Lakota living there to relocate.

The courts awarded the Lakota $106 million in 1980 dollars; they've never collected, because collecting the money means acknowledging that the US is never going to give the land back, and (naturally, understandably, and righteously) they want their land back.

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@noelle TIL too. The Swearengen character in Deadwood wasn’t cynical enough about Federal motives, I guess. :(

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