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i did a thing! (and it took me way too long on every step, and having to do a second ink version because the first one sucked didn’t help)

it’s fearne calloway, faun druid from the exandria unlimited game, played by ashley johnson. with her fire spirit companion ‘little mister’ who’s masquerading as a chaotic little monkey furnace.

sky rogue 


it’s somewhat bonkers to what degree it cheers me up immediately once the weather forecast has a dry window of >3 days in the upcoming week.

audacity, fork (birdsite link) 

another day, another reminder that lxml is both:

* pretty much your only choice when wrangling xml with python
* reliably in the way of being able to get things done.

looks like today was the last day without rain for a bit, so i paid the crag a visit and got utterly defeated by my project. it’s so weird, one day you feel like it could go any day now, and the day after, you’re doubting you’ll ever be able to do it.

who’s being a responsible chap spending his evening documenting every script and other code file in the work codebase?

that’s right, it me, setting myself up for receiving high fives from future me.

feeling immensely humorous, i fetch a pack of dried dates, commenting ‘from datetime import date’.

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Hello Fediverse!

I am currently preparing material for my potential bachelor thesis in communication design. I'm looking for info on open source usage or workflow in the design industry (but basically everything none-Adobe). I know of David Revoy's book project and would love to hear about more experiences. If you have any yourself or any material at hand (blogs, videos, papers, etc.) I'd be happy if you could send it my way. 😊 ❤️

#OpenSource #adobe #FollowerPower

also, i’m a dingus, i forgot to include the link to the birdside thread with info, links, and a look at the cover:

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book lovers: darcie little badger, author of last year’s ‘elatsoe’ (her debut novel) that made finalist for the nebula, lodestar, ignyte, and locus awards, announced her new book, ‘a snake falls to earth’ for october this year.

elatsoe was easily one of my favourite texts of the year. really fun YA, crime/supernatural/mystery, horror-ish, indigenous and ace representation (darcie is lipan apache and aro/ace herself), and it has a ghost doggo who is absolutely a best boy.
i’m really looking forward to this one.

aaaaaaah, just came back from this year’s first outing on rock.

my god, i’m feeling every pandemic pound in my pandemic paunch. and i’m getting shaky real fast, despite only doing repeats of some easy stuff i have in close reach of my front door.

i’m sweaty, dirty, and completely wiped. but happy af. i missed this so much.

the plan, 18:00: go to bed early, for once.

reality, 4:30: woops, accidental rabbit hole on meteorological models and access to their data

rms, fsf 

what really bugs me is that there is nothing stallman is actually good for. the fsf’s matter is an ethical one before it is a technological one, so there is simply no avenue there for the ‘we know he’s an asshole, but he’s also the most competent’ (which itself is bs – for every asshole computer genius, you can find someone sufficiently good enough who won’t chase tons and tons of skilled people away).

and everything rms was yeeted for, from being a prick to work with in general, to being a creep towards women, to the child-fucking apologetics, very specifically makes him unsuitable to be in any role, let alone a representative one, in a foundation that wants to further an ethical cause.

what remains is personal hagiography so robust that people would shoot themselves and their cause in the foot for a nod from his holiness.

lots of shit, a little good, ramble 

i have been in the dumps the last days. just a lot of deeply frustrating things piling on, reinforcing each other.

* inept covid handling by the government + people being irresponsible douchenozzles about it, in an increasingly deteriorating situation.
* an article about women’s safety in outdoor spaces in a rock climbing community, where the ensuing discussion was men talking down women reiterating what the problem is with their tone-deaf attempts at solving it, then throwing tantrums at ‘not being allowed to partake in reasoned debate’
* a dumbass piece of shit sketching out how he would build a social network. it was so bad it would be putting gab and parler to shame. when confronted with the weaknesses of his plan, kept spouting various nonsense, culminating in calling transphobia ‘made up controversy’
* a diet of varied news from the US. (from facepalm to absolutely tragic)
* sleep’s been shit, weather’s been shit, everything’s been shit.

and then i just watched a beautiful soul in a bouldering community i frequent calm down one of the younger community members who was in the process of freaking out about how sometimes there is nothing you can do to ease a friend’s burden. and they tackled it so well, with real care for and understanding of young one’s situation.

and now i have a mild case of the warm fuzzies in the pit of my stomach. maybe, we can be a little bit not-shit when we take care of each other.

@milan hey, kurzes stativupdate: hab dann doch deutlich mehr geld aufgewendet als beim anfaenglichen rumsuchen angedacht, aaaaaber hab jetzt ein 3lt punks travis hier stehen und bin ein happy camper. :)
nochmals danke fuer deine rueckmeldung letzten monat!

completely normal things to happen:

when you try implementing a viking-flavoured ttrpg in python, you inevitably end up instantiating a test character named foobar bazquxson.

birdsite link, men, hilarious 

omg this dude standing there kicking himself in the balls over and over, thinking he’s throwing hands. that was the deep laugh i didn’t know i needed.

tech brainfart of the day: snap is like saying fuck ovens, let’s ship every box of cake mix with its own heating element!

@woozle hey, woozle!
i just got a follow from the instance – as one would suspect, freeze peach, lots of trump nonsense, etc. – are they candidates for a block?

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