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@milan ey, du fotografierst doch, oder? hast du eine hinreichend oberflaechliche einsicht in das thema preiswerte stative?

bin naemlich so halb am gucken nach was fuer videoaufnahmen mit der actioncam draussen im feld, und meinungen scheinen sich zu teilen in ‘wenns billiger ist als X, dann taugts nix [anzahl gruende von haltbarkeit bis wie unwackelig es dslrs mit teleobjektiv halten kann]’ und ‘hier bestes preiswertstativ, kostet [signifikant weniger als X], gut genug fuer fast jeden der das nicht professionell macht.’

danke schonmal :)

it’s only pronounced che-son if it’s from the motorcycle driving revolutionary region of argentina, otherwise it’s just sparkly object notation.

star wars, antisemitism (etc.), play stupid games win stupid prizes (+) 

sooooo transphobe, covid denier, believer that being a conservative in the modern US is like being a jew in nazi germany, and generally abhorrent fuckface, gina carano is not on the mandalorian anymore. i love this song.

exercise (+) 

aw dang, i’m feeling really good about myself right now.

i’m hovering at that stage of finger injury where i can go days without noticing anything in daily life, where loading it provides really big payoffs, but where reaggravating it is also still very much a possibility. so my hangboarding right now is using mostly big edges that aren’t too tweaky and fingery to hold, but i add extra weight.

just now: upped the weight, did my exercises with bodyweight +19.75kg – a new best.

and immediately afterwards, i hung just bodyweight off my hangboard’s smallest edge with my 3 front fingers, open-hand position, for 40 solid seconds. also a new best.

and now my forearms are toast, i need two hands to hold my tea mug, but my injured joint is feeling fine. <3

very dumb pun 

video game where you explore various athmospheric locations, getting surprised by van halen songs at unexpected moments.

it’s all about the jump scares.

it’s the funniest duality – on one hand, my left middle finger PIP joint is still very slightly injured and i did manage to impede the healing process more than once by reinjuring it through some unexpected loading.

on the other hand, i’m going up in the amount of weight i’m adding to my hangboarding, i.e. the stress i subject that joint to.

risk for reinjury is obviously higher, but how increased loading is beneficial to ligament healing will never stop feeling incredibly counterintuitive.

(also: am at bodyweight +18.5kg, fairly substantial edge, 4 finger open-hand and half crimp.)

it’s amazing that we managed to, but somehow we managed to turn email into a complete mess.

should be: different servers send data to each other so we can talk to each other.

reality: big providers silently refuse smaller ones at random ‘because security’, every step of the chain has its own spam filter where things will opaquely get lost, and besides half of the legit conversations being impeded, the most obvious spam still gets through.


someone really cool joined the fediverse today, follow very recommended!

@margaret – margaret killjoy, who you know from her amazing band feminazgul or her podcast ‘live like the world is dying’, or any of the other cool things she’s doing.

she good.

today’s lessons:

* that one hacky script to get a job done quickly, with hardcoded everything because ‘i’m not going to change that’? you are gonna change that, and the time you saved hacking it together was not worth the headache of dealing with it now. (plus all the time you felt iffy about it being hacky)
* ‘i’ll just edit this real quick in the system’s GUI text editor’? no, don’t, this is how you spell suffering, and given the point above, you are having enough of that right now.

i don’t know what it says about me, but i’m currently writing a small in-character recap for our d&d campaign.
2 pages in, i have 8 footnotes, only one of them is me speaking, and i have been thwarted by pandoc once because it doesn’t allow footnotes on footnotes.

a propos of nothing in particular, this your reminder that squirrel girl beat up thanos without breaking much of a sweat. and beat the entire marvel universe by building a dependency graph of superpowers.

and also that whenever she could get away with not throwing fists at a problem until it stopped being a problem, she did so. which led to forging respectful friendships with kraven and galactus.

this is a really cool intro to prepping that talks about how to really think about ensuring that needs get met, and gives the bunker gun nut prepper the boot: (by margaret killjoy, of feminazgul fame)

@milan gerade gesehen: neue amd-serverprozessoren heissen epyc milan und sind schnell. zufall? ein schelm, wers glaubt!


currently playing: the absolutely phenomenal ‘no dawn for men’ by feminazgul. (

jr. bean (jean mr. bean)

am i doing these right?

workout done. conclusion: +15kg still seems too little extra weight for the size of edge i’m holding. could get through all reps without much trouble – a clear sign they’re not quite hard enough.

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last hour of 2020, how it’s going here:

* tea in the mug
* climbing videos on the screen
* harness on, hangboarding with yet more added weight.

and now we’re reaching the festive part of christmas (celebrations are on the 24th here): making order in my .vimrc

excrement mention (excremention?) 

hell hath no smells like a persian cat’s diarrhea stuck in their bum fur.

did we do jyberpunk (jean cyberpunk) already?

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