@geesehoward i like bubble baths so much i’m foamcore

affirmative about the point, antivaxxer example 

@balrogboogie @cadadr omg, that is *exactly* it!

a cousin of mine is what she calls ‘vaccine-hesitant – not strictly against, but at times concerned about necessity’. which sounds reasonable enough by itself. like, i made an assessment about whether or not i should get TBE shots and proceeded accordingly (getting them because outdoors a lot in an at-risk region, duh), so i guess people can make these for their own life situations.

but then it turned out she read every pdf our gov agency for disease control & prevention put out re covid vaccines, where every single one ends with ‘weighting risks vs benefits, we heavily recommend to get vaccinated because the data is obvious af’, until she found that single half-sentence that ‘allowed’ her to go ‘having read the gov evidence, i can not bear the risk of vaccination for my family.’

and that is a person with a scientific degree, who should know about domain expertise.

re: Corona Frustration 

@leah jap, volle zustimmung. ich wuerds ja einen elenden kindergarten nennen, aber mit kindern im entsprechenden alter waere glaub ich mehr zu erreichen.

@garbados *starts singing* toot, boost, the queen is dead!

just in case you’re wondering how funny i find that whole dune nft bro story:
i just gave my father a cryptocurrency primer so i could give him an nft primer so i could tell him the story in a way that made him appreciate how hilarious a tell on the bros’ own ignorance it is.

re: Werbung, Covid, Witz 

@leah hehehehe. ueber novax djocovid zu lachen ist momentan auch mein lieblingsgenre von witz.

@leah jap, so in etwa habe ich das fuer mich auch auseinanderklamuesert – ich tendierte staerker richtung lager ‘die regierung macht zu wenig’, mutter mehr zu ‘jeder einzelne haelt sich zu wenig.’

unterm strich sind beide wahr, und es ist keine frage der schuldzuschiebung, sondern die ‘menge’ der schuld mehrt sich: ja, eine zu grosse anzahl der handelnden individuen tut sehenden auges zu wenig. es waere dann aufgabe der regierung, dafuer zu sorgen, dass so unverantwortlich zu handeln wesentlich ‘teurer’ wird.

aber so wie es ist, haben die bequemen einzelnen den luxus, sich unverantwortlich zu verhalten in einem milieu in dem ihnen das viel zu leicht gemacht wird.

@brainblasted sadly not pc, but highly recommended: the gravity rush games!

@garbados reconceptualising the blockchain as a freely roaming sausage link of nutritious fools. decentralised brotein.

@garbados finally, it’s the hour of the self-sealing stem bolt!

@thesunshinesushi also: that stanford marshmallow experiment? i now have severe doubts that adults would fare any better than the children they originally tested.

re: amazon. am I reading this right? 

@maloki that certainly smells like the brexit sort of consequence. in fact, i was so struck by the similarity to one i read of earlier today that i had to take a step back and tease it apart mentally because they sounded so similar.

comparison story, in case you’re interested:
for rock climbing safety equipment, we have CE certifications (necessary when things are to be sold in the european economic area) and UIAA certifications (by the european climbing and mountaineering association). now that there is brexit, the UK made UKCA, their own CE-equivalent that’s going to be enforced coming 2023 for selling gear in the UK. otherwise, it’s basically a 1:1 copy of CE certification, except manufacturers will have to pay for the UKCA on top of CE/UIAA if they want to sell in the UK. reduction in market availability of gear is predicted.

@milan beautiful!

(also, a reminder i should really start editing all the boulder problems i filmed last year and upload the video to tchnc…)

@milan yay! *fistbump*
auf minimale nebenwirkungen!

@milan ich wuerd mich ja schaemen damit so anzugeben, wenn ich mich nichtmal bemueht haette, meinen teil zur rettung beigetragen zu haben.

re: Impfung, Novavax 

@leah wenn man das ohr an den boden gelegt hat, konnte man schon waehrend der heute-nachrichten das geraeusch von ueber den boden schleifenden torpfosten hoeren.

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