very niche, very silly pun (ukpol + climbing gear) 

johnson ditching the metric system was just the beginning…

(cc @Gina because you might be the only person on my TL in the relevant niche)

ec (sunglasses), selfie 

eyy look, it me, pack mule mode!

had a nice day out at the crag, and decided to bring the camera with me to record me on some boulders.

i did a thing! (and it took me way too long on every step, and having to do a second ink version because the first one sucked didn’t help)

it’s fearne calloway, faun druid from the exandria unlimited game, played by ashley johnson. with her fire spirit companion ‘little mister’ who’s masquerading as a chaotic little monkey furnace.

in other news, i was yesterday years old when i found out that adidas built boots for the german GSG-9 (federal police tactical unit), and not only does it look like a completely unholy union between sneakerhead douchecanoe shoe and modern military boot, they even put their fucking adidas stripes on it in tactical black on black to increase its douchecanoeity.

like… look at this abomination!

so i watched some ghost in the shell: standalone complex recently, and thought that one way they often imply text on documents or interfaces by showing a barcode line should be something i can simulate fairly easily in python.

so i did, and i think it doesn’t look half bad even.

welcome to the dumb recesses of my brain.
my brain & me, reading about & equipment:

la sportiva TC pro – me: yes, a shoe named after tommy caldwell, mr. dawn wall himself.

unparallel TN pro – me: ah yes, a shoe named after tomoa narasaki, massively strong mad lad who flashed an 8B+ boulder.

TNF – me: ah, the north face, they make outdoor & exploration gear and—
my brain:

birdside screencap, weebish capitalism shitpost 

am i too much of a weeb, or does this shit read an awful lot like ‘aaaaaaaaaah, sumimasen, market-sama?’

our DM @owlbare came up with an NPC called sareen, a half-goliath bowyer that my halfling rogue was buying a bow from.

naturally, my headcanon says sareen looks like a tall and buff satine phoenix. alas, nathen nixed my headcanon (sareen officially looks like gwendoline christie, so thirst levels are unaffected) so i had to sketch it out to get closure.

smol update with visuals: green lines are problems i did, magenta ones are the likely next candidates.

the one on the top block will probably be way harder than the others – the somewhat parallel green line above it allows feet to be placed on the lower band, while the magenta one will require dragging a heel along the rock face as well.

the bottom block’s magenta line is probably going to be easy – about as hard as the two green ones, but my skin was way too toast to attempt it.

Show thread

some ttrpg friends on the birdsite started the hashtag a while ago, to share exercise progress, tips, encouragement, etc.

that’s how i ended up videoing myself doing pullups on the hangboard. quite chuffed i can hold the bad slopers well enough to do pullups on. but the 3-finger 1-pad pockets definitely need more work.

@garbados hey, since we spoke about ttrpgs in python, look at my diceroll result/check classes! i’m semi-chuffed about them and their reporting of constituent elements. :3

dang, it took me a while to start this. but a lot of fun was had, despite the first five or so ink drawings after getting in the swing of things always looking a bit laboured.

this is a from @Lyrilith’s original (see here:

wow, i just wanted to scribble a quick character portrait for an upcoming one-shot, and got completely carried away. that hasn’t happened in a while, and with digital art, too! felt good. :)

(done with the amazing @krita and @FRENDEN’s brushes)

bouldering, height mention 

i just found out that, ~2 months ago, someone put up a new crag that’s pretty much around the corner from where i live. 12 minutes by car. with 3 defined boulder problems.

(1) is an easy warmup boulder (fontainebleau grade 4)
(3) is a more substantial problem i’m stoked to try (font grade 6B+)
(2) is the real problem, though. it’s a font 5+ highball. this means it’s easy enough i should be able to walk just up it. but also, it’s high enough that i really really don’t want to fall off it while out alone in the forest in the middle of nowhere.

but with it being so close, it’s likely to be just the thing to drive to on a whim. and with just 3 problems established there, chances are i won’t be able to keep my hands off the highball forever. *sigh*

i’m also very stoked to check out the roof above the top of (1). it looks like there’s indentations in there. if one or two of them are good enough to grab, that roof might be climbable. aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

messy scribblings 

so on irene koh’s twitch stream, community designed a hilariously indulgent OC by committee. some of the items on the list are: glasses, buff shoulders, lab coat, pony tail with wisps, pencil on ear, clipboard, tail/horns, freckles, sideboob, gay, suspenders.

so naturally, everybody’s trying to come up with designs. also naturally, irene made that mad hodgepodge of a list into a good-looking character.

i took my brush pen for a walk and did some random doodlings while listening to a podcast.
when the dude to the left started looking a bit revolver ocelot-y, i drew some more mgs characters to keep him company.

mildest thirst trap (sports, clothed, no eye contact) 

so i just got some footage my sister took of me yesterday at the climbing gym, and i feel like taking a page out of @Are0h’s book and post some thirst trap. i wasn’t aware my back looked like this from behind. :O


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