terf illiteracy 

@Jo omg, have you seen? in a staggering one-up on the other day’s ‘this author who vocally opposed everything we stand for, would’ve been one of us’, today they’re all about ‘the author is the character they write and therefore neil gaiman is one of us because there are transphobic characters in a game of you’


terf illiteracy 

@gekitsu Christ on a balsawood Kawasaki, these people are beyond parody. :blobrofl:

terf illiteracy 

@gekitsu @Jo omfg. Well by terf logic then I'm a dragon because I'm writing a book about a dragon. So where's my tail gone?! :blobcatpeek:

(I fully loathe the 'this character you wrote is you innit' standpoint. Like no? Unless it's autobiography. Properly worried about their ability to understand media. Or what fiction is even.)

terf illiteracy 

@bentosmile @gekitsu The thing that gets me is that the TERFy character is a goddamn villain and that TERF still thought she could wilfully miss that detail.

re: terf illiteracy 

@Jo @bentosmile YES! and when you go down that thread, you’ll find her saying multiple times that whatever argument was made against her point, it’s irrelevant because ‘it’s clear neil gaiman [knows TERFy things].’

we should’ve been prepared for this ever since they were surprised margaret atwood isn’t one of them, but i still can’t help but stare in wonder every single time.

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