i did a thing! (and it took me way too long on every step, and having to do a second ink version because the first one sucked didn’t help)

it’s fearne calloway, faun druid from the exandria unlimited game, played by ashley johnson. with her fire spirit companion ‘little mister’ who’s masquerading as a chaotic little monkey furnace.

@gekitsu That is so cool! I also love the contrast with the dark background, good job 💝

@jfml thank you!

the background was one of the puzzle pieces i figured out late in the rework – my first inked version was really muddy and low-contrast (hatching everywhere! how to fix? hatch more!), so i made a couple extra sketches figuring out where to put some proper darks. the one problem remaining was several light elements (hair, monkey tail tuft) against white paper. when i went to look at toppi drawings to fully wallow in my misery, i noticed he does that quite a bit – coordinate light and dark in the figure with the background. :) if it’s good enough for him…

@gekitsu Oh, Sergio Toppi? I love his work as well! Yeah, I think light elements on white aren't always a problem (if you can still make out what it is), it can be a nice "claire line" / abstract touch and also work as white space even though it isn't really. Thanks for the detailed answer, alsways nice to know more about the process behind an artwork ^__^

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