lots of shit, a little good, ramble 

i have been in the dumps the last days. just a lot of deeply frustrating things piling on, reinforcing each other.

* inept covid handling by the government + people being irresponsible douchenozzles about it, in an increasingly deteriorating situation.
* an article about women’s safety in outdoor spaces in a rock climbing community, where the ensuing discussion was men talking down women reiterating what the problem is with their tone-deaf attempts at solving it, then throwing tantrums at ‘not being allowed to partake in reasoned debate’
* a dumbass piece of shit sketching out how he would build a social network. it was so bad it would be putting gab and parler to shame. when confronted with the weaknesses of his plan, kept spouting various nonsense, culminating in calling transphobia ‘made up controversy’
* a diet of varied news from the US. (from facepalm to absolutely tragic)
* sleep’s been shit, weather’s been shit, everything’s been shit.

and then i just watched a beautiful soul in a bouldering community i frequent calm down one of the younger community members who was in the process of freaking out about how sometimes there is nothing you can do to ease a friend’s burden. and they tackled it so well, with real care for and understanding of young one’s situation.

and now i have a mild case of the warm fuzzies in the pit of my stomach. maybe, we can be a little bit not-shit when we take care of each other.

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