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my favorite part of this project was writing a simple query language for searching tags. '+' to include a tag, '-' to exclude, and ',' to separate tags. it was a pain to build a typeahead that understood the query language but i did it! it felt so good to see it in action for the first time :D

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if chiptune is just music made with integrated circuits and integrated circuits are just flattened sand with lightning inside this means that the sound of thunder at the beach is chiptune

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So we are beginning to see the fall of Facebook... it's going to be a slow moving disaster, but the foundation is crumbling, and this baby is coming down...

Now we need to address copyright.

When I started playing around with the idea of a radio station last week, I thought CC artists, because I can't afford a licsense... now I am faced with how many high quality artist are in CC licensing frameworks... is going to stand for the future that was lost.

As in all things we are going to restore the future. In this case, this means supporting only artists that release content in CC as they are taking risks and have skin in the game of bringing about the future we were once promised... with their art and their work.

You have my respect and dedication.

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And I'm falling asleep
and she's calling a cab
and he's having a smoke
and he's also a crab

*neoliberal voice* more cops! gayer cops!

linkfriend's goal is to support distribution of link lists over p2p protocols like Dat, but so far that has been too labor-intensive for me to tackle. once you can distribute link lists and index them, you will be able to use the search feature like a kind of mini-search engine for your corner of the web. i hope someday to deliver that possibility :)

check the readme for more on of linkfriend's roadmap:

i made a bookmarking app a while ago but today i gave it some polish. it's called "linkfriend"

it stores data in your browser rather than on a central server, so no one is ever privy to it but you. plus, it indexes bookmarks by associated tags so you can search them easily. let me know how you like it :)

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My #SadMechJam game, 'Lovers in Freefall', exists now.

Hold your lover's hand, ride into the black, take your Messer with you, and don't look back.

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there is something ineffable hiding in your closet, groaning and scratching at the walls (ASMR)

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There's a lot of types of communists. Ancom, leftcom, capcom, romcom, dotcom, sitcom... The list goes on
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thoughts on dat tooling, shortcomings 

i think dat is really cool (mutable torrents!!) but i remain skeptical that append-only datastructures make sense for sensitive data like social media and chat logs

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practicing listening
practicing, listening
practicing. listening.

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#FediBooks can now verify instances, making sure that they're not just random words or non-fedi websites! it's able to identify every majorish instance server out there, except for GNU social, which has been abandoned for nearly half a decade (but i'm still considering supporting it!)

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