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the zuckerburglar
mirror universe zuck

saw a sparrow in a bush this morning, watching us nervously.

later a mist crow confidently plucked worms about a meter from where ten people (including us) were talking. bold critter. maybe berlin folks are nicer to crows, and so they assign humans a generally smaller zone of concern?

unwittingly becoming an avid birdwatcher

see also: dark zuckerberg, identifiable by the menacing goatee and radical anticapitalism

"call me a paleoliberal," i say as i file a campaign donation of sixteen squirrel pelts

tech can be a multiplier on labor but capitalism turns it into a divisor

if all you use tech to do is disenfranchise labor, i feel like you have completely missed the point of tech

saw a pair being jerks to each other. crows everywhere not so different.

grey-breasted corvids in berlin called "mist crows"

See? People get pleased
When they think that they’re free
We don’t worry about the detailed thought
We just track all the things that they bought
These days it’s not any tougher
Keep it clear, speak slow, don’t stutter
Stay near but prepare to take cover
See? These people hurt each other

Supercommuter, "Unusual Habits"


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us nuclear weapons 

@stsp wednesday works for us! if there's a place you can recommend, it could be cool to meet up :)

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re: A new twist on a classic stress dream 

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