me: hey maybe gamers should do the bare minimum to support the people who actually make games
a half dozen gamers crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches: how DARE you expect us to do anything helpful. i would DIE before admitting that my favorite corporation has faults

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lalala fuck white people, etc:

(this time, re population control, a bad idea that doesn't seem to be going away) is looking for researchers from the #GlobalSouth interested to write about their #research. They would provide translation to Norwegian.

#SciComm #ComunicaCiencia

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after Telltale fucked over most of its workforce there certainly were people talking about how abused they were who 24 hours earlier certainly weren't maybe comfortable talking about it, in part because they now had no Telltale job or Telltale boss to be concerned about. it's not like these issues are being made up by outside agitators.

i've talked to no shortage of folks involved at big-name studios this year who are like "yeah these are major problems and i hope you all come up with solutions but i can't endanger my job or the jobs of my team" and that's 100% a symptom of worker oppression. like i hate to use big dramatic words like "oppression" but idk what else to call it. "getting fucked over"? "threatened by the true precariousness of an abusive situation"?

an issue with discussing game labor issues, particularly when it comes to day to day exploitation, is that a lot of folks can't talk about it without fear of reprisal, and folks whose experience includes management/ownership will say it's just the price of doing biz, leaving people in the indie/press space to speak out most easily. which gives a false impression of the totality of who is/can be involved in it.

sears, the company that changed america, declares dankruptcy

I was asked at work once to guess what the biggest risk to the company might be in coming years. The answer is always "That climate change has tipping points and that we're nearing or beyond some of them", but that's not really the answer they were looking for, I suppose.

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I don’t know when it happened, but sometime in the last 3 years, referring to people as “comrade” stopped feeling like a self-conscious quarter joke and started feeling like the most natural thing in the world, and I’m here for it.

harold and kumar go to the white castle (an elven diner which only appears during the gloaming under a crescent moon) due to harold having been bewitched by the queen of elves: an epic fantasy x stoner comedy


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@Are0h ✊✊✊ I really hope there are boots on the ground over there getting these folx set up with IDs & proper registration. Having the right to vote is just 1/2 the battle unfortunately.

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