D Dino

"open-source does not mean grassroots or community-driven" hell yeah the recompiler recompilermag.com/2018/02/23/e

@garbados don't have time to listen, are they saying that OSS doesn't necessarily mean those things and you shouldn't assume it does, or something else? are they passing a value judgement on OSS in general, grassroots, community-driven, or all 3?

@wohali just that when something is open source, it isn't necessarily also grassroots or community-driven. they mention it specifically in the context of google's AMP project

@garbados AMP upsets me greatly. And now, some common services (like gfycat) aren't usable if you block it at all.

@garbados I honestly think AMP is just Google's attempt to kill various CDNs like Akamai and CloudFront.

@wohali @garbados I agree with that assessment. CDNs and competing ad networks.

@audrey @garbados Right, the ad networks. That makes it even more insidious.

@wohali @garbados It's this huge race to carve up the last free pieces. An internet where the five major players push and pull resources from each other is much different than the one folks on here are likely to want. I think most people, even if they follow tech, don’t realize just how massive the consolidation actually is.

@garbados while at Big Blue they explicitly told me they participate in OSS for only two reasons:

1. eliminate a competitor's advantage by commoditizing it
2. prestige projects

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