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D Dino @garbados

> the interplanetary file system
> the galactic consensus system

my god, we're really gonna put datacenters on the moon, aren't we?

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@garbados hopefully!! it's cold enough up there to run colossal processors radiating energy into the nothing or underground

@Efi a moonbase heated by server racks

@garbados @Efi a moonbase with a neural net at its core making the moon into a sentient entity

@becauseimgray @Efi a rogue datacenter holds an independence referendum, closes ports used by spacecraft to coordinate landings, effectively sequestering the moon pending mediation :O

@garbados @Efi a war between the first sentient moon and the planet earth begins

@becauseimgray @Efi the planet earth having also become sentient at this point. humans go entirely unaware of the conflict.

@Efi @garbados You'd think so, but very little air or anything else

You'd only have radiative cooling if you stuck them out there

@troubleMoney @garbados no, but the rock is very cold, you can literally insert copper wire into the stone and get decent heat dispersal

@Efi @garbados

Getting rid of heat is actually a big problem in space. You need something to carry most of it off and vacuum won't do that.

@sudoreboot @garbados oh, really? tell me more about this "thermodynamics"

@Efi @garbados

I assume you are being sarcastic because you feel you have a grasp of the concepts surrounding thermodynamics. Very well, carry on then. It just seemed like you thought "cold space" meant "good place to lose heat".

@Efi @garbados

I don't know what Titan is in this context. Hardware? Pop culture reference?

@Efi @garbados

"run colossal processors radiating energy into the nothing" still feels like it's about losing heat in vacuum.

@aussteiger @Efi @garbados

Heat radiation is only a minor part of it. Usually when you cool an object you rely on the heat being transferred into the environment by way of conduction.

@garbados @Efi @aussteiger

Self correction: I meant convection, not conduction.

i'm watching this talk about building consumer software for mars colonists and of course there are no mars colonists yet but there are a lot of people and a non-trivial quantity of investment approaching the problem of **interplanetary networking**

h e c c

@garbados people tend want to help do the things they want in any way they can, even if it doesn't actually do much to help

@garbados Probably so we can talk to the people in their irradiated hellhole and they can say things like "I've me a huge mistake".

@garbados The first message sent over the solarnet between Earth and Mars should be a Mars Rover meme.

@viciousviscosity upon approach, the rover greets them and announces « late to the party i see »

@garbados I want to see more interplanetary sociology. Even just "who is the police" could be tricky. Is it just a corporate City on Mars? What if you get fired? Can you get extradited to earth? Or back to Mars?

@WillPettersson what if fully automated luxury gay space communism 😎


immediate response: FUCK YES

calmer, more reasoned response: FUUUUUUUUCK YESSSSSSSSS

@garbados a mastodon instance hosted on one of those spheres the USSR put up there

@amsomniac @garbados


it'd be a BAD idea for a lot of reasons

but I could imagine a crowdfunded "launch a RasPi cluster project instance" actually getting all the money eventually

like, HUGE waste of resources, but


it WOULD be awesome to have @sydneyfalk@thefuckingmo.on or whatever it ends up being ^_^

@sydneyfalk @amsomniac NASA has a program called "cubesat" where folks can fit arbitrary hardware/software into a standardized "cube" which goes up in regular shipments to the ISS and are then deployed into orbit, such as by spacewalking astronauts literally throwing them from the craft.

@amsomniac @sydneyfalk spacex and other private companies are likely to offer pay-to-play versions of cubesat, whereas nasa has limited participation to selected groups, like university rocketry associations

@garbados @amsomniac @sydneyfalk there are teams working on their own way to launch cubestats as well! :D

@garbados @amsomniac


I'm calling it

someone is gonna set up a goddamned Masto instance IN ORBIT

there's more accessible infrastructure options

moon'll come later

@sydneyfalk @amsomniac i was actually thinking about this and AFAICT the problem is packing a computer that can actually run masto into the cubesat along with networking hardware that allows it to communicate with anyone.

@garbados @amsomniac

but we're human beings

these things will, somehow, be solvable

we do that

(some setup inside that uses the casing as an antenna after launch, perhaps? but I don't know the casing requirements)

@amsomniac @garbados

the groundside would be hacky as well -- but it's fucking crowdsourced space travel, it's basically gonna be 99.99% hacky start to finish

@sydneyfalk @amsomniac coming soon: a kickstarter for an ion engine

@amsomniac @sydneyfalk if you just packed networking hardware and software for an instance that stores all its assets on a planet-side server, you could probably do it. latency would be hilarious.

@pnathan and heating costs for the engineers πŸ‘