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hey! if you're a trans person with bills to pay, hit up the Hypatia Software Org! they have a cash assistance and laptop distribution program that have helped me make ends meet 👍


if you have questions about HSO or want an advocate (since these processes can sometimes be opaque) let me know and i can help you directly ❤️

@garbados Keep up the good work and vibes!

If you're ever looking for a home dedicated to spreading compassion to others hit me up or @ambassador 😉

@Filene go for it! they've helped me out and been great :)

@garbados Wow. I lost my career in broadcast engineering 8 years ago, and several opportunities since then, because I'm trans. This is the reason I just won't even attempt to do anything but work for myself anymore. And I, by society's definition, pass very well.

I had one job where I was hired to be the Director Of It for a group of call centers. I was a perfect fit for the job, considering my experience with VoIP at a previous position.

The GM who hired me was all happy as heck the day he hired me. The next day I came in and he had changed my job description to some mundane BS, and lowered my pay by a significant amount. He told me it was because he decided I wasn't qualified for the job after he had seen me work for an hour the previous day. I just looked at the guy, threw my security badge on the table and walked out.

Turns out, someone later that day who knew me told him I was trans. I also was detailed by someone else I knew, on an extremely transphobic rant he went on and a laugh he and all the managers had at my expense after I left.

I should have and probably could have sued, but I just don't have the energy for that BS. I've been to court enough over child custody issues to know it's exhausting, time consuming, and expensive. We have an attorney here who specializes in LGBT discrimination cases and she wanted to charge me about $500 up front. As if I had that.

@kelli i hear that. i’m sorry you’ve had to go through that.


I did apply for some help with learning code stuff and other things but didn't really hear back. I'm on the slack group but its all sliding by me and I'm too anxious to get involved. Hahaha. They definitely seem to be a good org though and definitely seem to be helping folks. 😊

@Finnarchist oh no! i'm sorry that's happened. i've been so busy that i haven't been able to maintain much participation in the org, unfortunately, but please! speak up and reach out. the folks there want to help.


Thanks for the encouragement. Might just have to force myself to get involved. When I'm not sniffly that is. 😜

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