i'm worried it's a bunch of hot takes but i'm actually really passionate about documentation and i care a bunch 😬 👍

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@garbados I have thoughts about the fonts used on this website

@ccolocho tell me your thoughts. i didn't make the theme, just forked it.

@garbados justification is gross, the a : link underline is cutting of lower case 'g's, it looks like jquery is being used to show/hide the menu nav on mobile (personal opinion: javascript really isn't needed for that), and the:

-moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;
-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;

in the css imo doesn't make text prettier.

@garbados buuuuuut this is a good piece and I agree with this hot take

@garbados not a content comment but a form comment: you justify your paragraphs in your css and all my UX/UI friends scream at me if I do that because it makes things less readable (on the web, it's good on paper) so I guess I should inform you about that

@bram i will look into changing it. i didn't make the theme, but i have forked it 👍

@garbados It sufficiently doesn't-suck that I saved the link for later reference, when any of my projects reaches the point of being worth other people wanting to deploy ^.^

You already know the answer: of course it does not suck.
I think you nailed the most important stuff. I liked especially the part about how your audience is varied end will (hopefully) be more and more diverse with your project growing. This point is often overlooked.

And thanks for you believing in us, it always helps. 😀

@garbados I think you've covered every issue I've struggled with in documentation I've needed to use, and several I haven't. And you've done it in a way that is as concise as possible, I think. Nice work! The only thing better would be if there were some way to make following your advice less overwhelming for my own projects. 😅

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